About Kerri

My parents made the crazy decision to move their family of 5 from our comfortable small town in Southern Ontario half way around the world to New Zealand when I was 7 years old. Since then, there has been no looking back. In my family we are all travelers, adventurers and general seekers of new and amazing experiences. We have explored as a family, individually (my brother and sister have both taken some epic journeys) and with anyone willing to come along. It seems as though my choices throughout my life have been leading me to this eventual journey, and possibly more to come. And so begins the next step; my Round The World Adventure and the documentation of it on My Battered Backpack!

(there is likely going to be some pretty awesome cheesiness and glitches as I get used to blogging, so bring on the tips and tricks!)


2 Responses to About Kerri

  1. Amy says:

    AWESOME – bring on the cheesiness!!! love it!

  2. Alice Alfred says:

    Love your blog!!! It is a joy to read!!! :>)

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