It’s All Gone

Yesterday was a very big day in terms of liquidating my belongings. A friend of mine has a relative who is moving into a new apartment with nothing to furnish it. So, I made a list of all of the things I haven’t yet gotten rid of, and was happy to hear that all of it had found a new home. A group of 5 guys, 1 truck and 1 car showed up with a bunch of boxes and packed up most of the remains of my Vancouver life. Everything from dishes and silverware to mattress and sheets got collected and loaded into the vehicles. It was kind of surreal watching my things go into boxes and to know that this was good-bye.

This now means that I am in a fairly empty apartment with a therma-rest, sleeping bag and camping dishes to get me though my last days here. Luckily, I am heading to Calgary for Christmas, where there will be a bed and dishes for me to use. Once I get back from Calgary, I will be going to stay at my wonderfully generous friend Lauren’s place until I head back to Ontario. This also means that I have only 3 nights left in my sweet apartment with the amazing view that has been home for the last year. I know that I am heading out on the journey of a lifetime, but it is still sad to say good-bye to my Vancouver life.

All that is left to do is pack up my clothes and random bits that I am taking with me, donate the bags upon bags of things that I have collected over the years but no longer have a purpose for, and clean my apartment for my final inspection. I can’t quite believe how fast this time has come, and how much I have done over the last few months to get ready for it. It has been a whirlwind for sure! Now I am going to curl up on my therma-rest and dream of hiking in Nepal or some of the other amazing opportunities that may come my way while I wander the globe. Sweet Dreams!


About Kerri

I am becoming a gypsy for the next year. Going to wander the world to learn as much as I can before my bank account runs dry.
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3 Responses to It’s All Gone

  1. Amy says:

    so weird! I can just imagine you ‘camping out’ in your living room! lol! Can’t wait to see you – will be at your parents for dinner on the 7th!!! YIPPEE!

  2. Mike says:

    Great timing!! Merry Christmas!

    See you in a few weeks.

  3. Tim Craig says:

    Hey – that’s great news! Wouldn’t it have sucked if you were needing to leave and still had all that stuff Sounds like great timing!

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