Time to liquidate

This post isn’t anything to do with a liquid lunch, although the more I think about this subject, the more appealing that option becomes. The time has come to figure out what I am going to do with the crazy amount of stuff I have accumulated. I thought I had purged a lot of my junk when I moved from California to Vancouver, but after sitting in the middle of my apartment and taking stock of it all, there still seems to be more then a person should ever need. And I have a storage closet in my garage. Yikes. So, I decided to get away from it all; sit in a spot with none of my belongings and think about what I would rescue if my place were on fire. Yup, the start of a list. One of many.

I wrote out my Rescue From a Fire list and reviewed it. Would I really rescue my wii? Debatable. My DVDs? Unlikely. My dishes? Not a chance. Ohhh, the ‘not a chance’ category…an opportunity for another list.

The Stuff I Certainly Don’t Want (but has value to someone else) list. I guess it could be called Stuff to Sell list. My couch…you betcha. My TV…see ya later. My car…egads! I have just encountered the emotional ties that have led me to collecting so much stuff to begin with. The car was my first big purchase after I graduated and got a real job. Dad and I went car shopping for days, kicking tires, test driving and talking to sales guys. When I moved to California, I packed up my stuff and drove myself across the country in that car. When I left California, Dad and I drove up the Pacific Coast with that car. I took it to Sasquatch and Coachella, Utah and Joshua Tree. Sooooo many memories. But, I still have those memories, even without the car. Seeing as it doesn’t fit nicely into a 55L backpack, it’s time to say goodbye. Once I severed that emotional tie, many others started to fall apart and the great selling frenzy of 2010 began.

I started by getting a Craigslist account. Then I took pictures of all of the things firmly on the Sell list. I checked out the prices of similar items on Craigslist, ebay, amazon, kijiji and by asking ‘the Google’. Then I posted, and posted and posted. And to my surprise people have been really quick to respond! There are, of course, the lowballers, the emails with just a number and no words, the scams (I’m buying this item for my Aunt in Europe and will pay 2x’s your rate via paypal…suuuure), but there are also really nice people who mean well and just honestly want this stuff. Like Liza and her boyfriend who just moved here from Columbia. They had never left home before, and here they are in Vancouver with nothing. Take my stuff! Jess and Antonio are getting married in June and trying to prepare their house for when they will live together. Take more…please! Victoria wanted to get her nephew a PSP for his 8th birthday. It’s all yours! It turns out that getting rid of stuff can be really interesting and kind of exciting!

This leaves the stuff that I don’t want and that doesn’t have enough value to bother trying to sell. This stuff didn’t make it to a list. Instead, it is in a growing pile in my apartment, waiting to be put on racks and shelves in thrift stores around the city. A hoodie I have had since highschool..bye bye. My collection of well used and not exactly designer purses…ciao.

I still have a lot to get rid of, and have to figure out how to get my Rescue From a Fire items home to my parents, but I have made a pretty good start so far. The big items will definitely help with my budget for the trip. With most of the stuff, I am just happy that it’s finding good homes with people who can benefit from having it. That includes the things I am giving to friends and family. If I have an item and you want it, let me know! Otherwise, it’s all going to end up getting picked up by the Canadian Diabetes Association who can also put it to good use. Maybe liquidating isn’t as scary as I first thought. 🙂


About Kerri

I am becoming a gypsy for the next year. Going to wander the world to learn as much as I can before my bank account runs dry.
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8 Responses to Time to liquidate

  1. Jennifer says:

    Been there, done that (and believe it or not still seem to be getting rid of my Canadian stuff!). They are only possessions, all which can be replaced, and with any luck replaced with things from your travels! Love reading your blog and counting down until you and that 55 L bag if yours gets here 😉

    • Kerri says:

      My 55L bag admitted to me that it can’t wait to get there! Haha, I have found some pretty amazing pictures of our Brock High School snowman…remember him?

  2. Mike says:

    Awesome! It’s so much easier to get rid of your stuff when you HAVE to. Moving several times keeps your stuff to a minimum. I love your Rescue From a Fire list. I think I’m almost at a maximum in terms of stuff I need right now. You’ll see when you come back to T.O.

  3. Amy says:

    I am so proud of you! It is hard to part with ‘things’ when you feel memories are attached to them but like you say, they are things and you have the memories which are very easy to porter with you anywhere you go! FYI, some of that “save from fire” stuff are very heavy as I found out when lugging that huge suitcase home with me yesterday! lol!

  4. Hollie Hughes says:

    Ohhh Kerrrrriiii u r an amazing individual!!! I am extremely envious of u and have been since I was a bay bay 🙂
    Have a blast, dun forget bout me.. ur fave.lil rugger cousin 🙂


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